General Science, physics,chemistry,biology – for UPSC 2020- 2021, state pcs,has,hcs,ras

















General Science, physics,chemistry,bi – for UPSC 2020- 2021, state pcs,has,hcs,ras







for more pdf visit JOIN FB PAGE FOR PDF Join our Telegram Channel for All updates अगर आप का सपना DSP बनने का है तो आपके लिए ये लेक्चर सीरीज बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है और आप डेली चैनल पर आकर लेक्टर्स देखा करो साथ में आपके लिए प्रैक्टिस Questions डेली अपलोड किये जातें है उन्हें भी देखा करो आपकी तयारी दोगुनी रफ़्तार से होगी For paid study material, notes, lecture series and test series whatsapp on 9896160956 HCS & other State PCS new pendrive course details We have different programs to prepare for exams, u can choose according to your ease 1. Test series 30 test =2100 rs. 2. Video lectures = 8100 rs. 3. Notes for prelims and mains =2100 rs. 4. Short notes and quick Revision notes = 1100 rs. 11000 rs m apko complete study material for prelims + mains + vidoes + test series (complete syllabus videos with 4 Years validity) If any doubt u can call us for more details Free DSP complete course… English Medium General Studies GS Lectures… 1000 GK Questions for all exams… Questions GS Hindi Medium… Polity Questions… Railway & SSC important Questions… Economy Lecture Series… General Awareness… Sure Shot & Exam Booster (Hindi Medium)… Complete Hcs course… भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था – Indian Economy Lecture Series… History…



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